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Article: 5 Benefits of Using Natural Makeup

5 Benefits of Using Natural Makeup

5 Benefits of Using Natural Makeup

Most conventional makeup contains artificial colorants, fragrances and other potentially harmful chemicals. Cosmetics sold as being natural are often made with minimally processed ingredients from plant and mineral sources. While some natural makeup contains animal-derived ingredients, many formulas are also vegan and cruelty-free. Most makeup brands that use natural ingredients also prioritize safety with regard to personal health and broader environmental effects. Find out about five benefits of using makeup made with natural ingredients.

The Top 5 Benefits of Using Natural Makeup | Paris Laundry

1. Natural Makeup Is Made Without Harmful Chemicals

Many people use makeup on a regular basis without realizing that every product exposes wearers to its ingredients. When you repeatedly put on conventional products, you may risk exposure to chemicals known or suspected to pose health risks. While a single application may not result in harm, repeated use can affect hormone levels and potentially prove carcinogenic.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics by the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners identifies nine chemicals to avoid. Other independent third-party organizations that focus on beauty and personal care product safety list up to a dozen chemicals that consumers should try to avoid in makeup, beauty and personal care products.

Natural makeup typically does not contain perfluorochemicals, acrylamide, styrene, phthalates, parabens, 1,4-dioxane, heavy metals, hormone-disrupting chemical sunscreens or Triclosan. These products may also be free of BHA and BHT, DEA-related ingredients, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, fragrance, petrolatum, and siloxanes.

2. There Are Natural Alternatives To Most Products

Whether you wear a few basics or want full coverage, you can find a wide variety of makeup made with natural ingredients. Look for tinted moisturizer or foundation made without parabens, artificial colorants or chemical sunscreens that have hormone-disrupting properties. You can also get natural blush along with brow, lip and eye makeup.

Selecting natural alternatives without trying products on first can pose a challenge. One way to guarantee that you get high-quality natural cosmetics is to browse the selection of makeup at Paris Laundry. We only offer the best cosmetics made with natural ingredients.

Shopping a selection of natural products cross-referenced with the BCPP’s List of Chemicals of Concern simplifies the process of finding safer substitutions. See the best products in each category from leading natural cosmetics brands such as Ere Perez, Fitglow, Gressa, KYPRIS, Lily Lolo and Rituel de Fille.

3. The Best Natural Makeup Performs Well 

The best natural cosmetics rival or even outperform conventional products. The trick is to find the right formulas. Paris Laundry simplifies the process of narrowing down your options to the best natural cosmetics.

Wide availability and low prices are the main reasons people use conventional makeup. Paris Laundry stocks an assortment of the leading natural cosmetics to make it easy to find quality substitutes for any products. Natural makeup often costs slightly more, as these products are made in smaller batches with higher-quality ingredients than mass-produced makeup.

The longevity of natural formulas may differ from formulas made with synthetic ingredients in terms of daily wear and product life. A few chemicals that are widely recognized as being toxic are preservatives that can be absorbed through the skin and act as hormone disruptors. Natural products may not last as long, but these products are safer to use and reapply. 

4. Clear Labeling Makes Allergens Easier To Avoid

Natural products typically have more transparent labeling than conventional cosmetics. For instance, many beauty products hide toxic ingredients behind the vague term “fragrance.” There is also no legal definition of the word “natural,” and any brand can use this term. For this reason, it is important to check ingredients lists and confirm the reputation of cosmetics companies when selecting natural makeup products.

The United States Food and Drug Administration does not require makers of cosmetics and personal care products to disclose specific ingredients or meet standards beyond those applying to selected color additives. Manufacturers are specifically shielded from disclosing ingredients that could give away trade secrets. Brands that make natural cosmetics tend to disclose specific ingredients, which can be helpful for steering clear of substances that could cause allergic reactions.

Sources dispute whether natural products are less likely to cause irritation than products made with synthetic ingredients. Naturally derived substances that are minimally processed may actually be more likely to trigger allergic responses in sensitive individuals than safe synthetic ingredients. Both natural and artificial ingredients can be safe or pose adverse reactions or toxicity risks. It is a good policy to examine and research the ingredients of products prior to use.

5. Many Natural Products Are Environmentally Friendly

Many brands that make natural products are also committed to environmental conservation. Some substances pose dangers to people, animals and natural ecosystems, such as the contaminant PFOA in products containing PTFE. Several third-party organizations rate the safety of cosmetics based on the effects ingredients have on humans and the environment.

In addition to checking product descriptions and third-party ratings, you may also want to factor in whether natural makeup contains any ingredients sourced from animals or animal byproducts, and whether makeup brands test products on animals. Vegan cosmetics are not made with beeswax, carmine, honey, lanolin, or tallow, though these formulas may still contain other substances of concern. 

Products certified as being cruelty-free are not tested on animals at any point in the research and development, supply chain or production processes. These products also do not contain animal-derived ingredients that are extracted at the expense of animal welfare. The full environmental impact of products also factors in production and distribution processes and packaging.

Make the Switch to Natural Makeup

It is not difficult to replace products that contain ingredients known or suspected to be toxic with safer alternatives. While natural products can cost more, there are many alternatives to fit any budget. These five benefits of using natural cosmetics apply whether you wear makeup daily or only occasionally. Changing to natural products can reduce your exposure to a wide range of harmful substances. Paris Laundry offers a curated collection of the best natural makeup to help you make the move to using safer products.



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