Paris Laundry x Apolis Market bag

This charming carryall is the ideal durable bag to help you manage your busy life, providing a reliable way to carry everything you need for the day (over 100 lbs), from work, to groceries, to a weekend beach getaway — plus, it's made to last! 



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You shouldn't have to sacrifice your health for product performance! That is why we have a strict vetting process for all the brands and products we carry. 

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Meet our Founder

After being diagnosed with stage IIB triple positive breast cancer at 30 years old, with no family history or genetic links, I was left wondering, how? As I went through treatment I was told not to use certain products, which again brought on questions which led me to do my own research. What I found shocked me, and I very quickly switched to non-toxic products. I documented this change on my blog, Pardon My French. I found that many women, especially those going through cancer treatments had questions about the products they were putting on their skin as well. I expanded my voice in the breast cancer community with a podcast called But You Don't Look Sick. The messages and conversations that were started led to the products that I used throughout treatment. The idea of Paris Laundry was born! A central place for women to come and feel confident, beautiful, and safe with the products they are purchasing.

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