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Article: What Is Clean Beauty and How To Implement It in Your Life

What Is Clean Beauty and How To Implement It in Your Life

What Is Clean Beauty and How To Implement It in Your Life

For too long, the cosmetic industry has been cloaked in obscurity and mystery, allowing companies to take harmful shortcuts. Many of the ingredients used in popular products contain chemicals and compounds that cause cancer, organ toxicity and other serious health problems. This is why Paris Laundry supports clean beauty. What is clean beauty? It's the philosophy that transparency and care should be core values in the cosmetic industry.

What Is Clean Beauty | Paris Laundry

Why Is Transparency Important?

Most women use beauty products daily. Over time, this adds up to an extremely high level of contact. When you put something on your skin every day, you want it to be safe. At Paris Laundry, we make sure our products don't have any of over two dozen common, harmful ingredients, including:

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate, a compound common in soaps that causes skin irritation
  • Mercury, a heavy metal that can cause neurological damage
  • Hydroquinone, a potential carcinogen
  • Parabens, a set of chemicals that may cause hormone imbalances and cancer

What Is Clean Beauty Working For?

While the Food and Drug Administration prevents companies from selling poisonous, adulterated or misbranded products, it does not need to approve products for safety before they reach the market. Unfortunately, this places the burden of determining whether a product is healthy to use on the shoulders of the consumer.

If you're like most people, you probably don't have the time or background knowledge to research lengthy lists of unpronounceable ingredients. Perhaps you always thought someone had been looking out for your safety and well-being. Now, with clean beauty, there really is someone making sure the products you use are innocuous.

How Can You Incorporate a Healthy Routine into Your Life?

Though it may seem like a drastic step at first, you should rid your home of products that contain suspect substances. Use your discretion in determining which ones you can use until they run out and which to toss out. Once you have done this, the rest is easy; just buy from clean beauty suppliers.

Though it can be confusing at first, keeping up with best practices in the beauty industry is enlightening and helpful. The Breast Cancer Prevention Partners host a list of ingredients to avoid, but there are still further restrictions we believe should be followed. At Paris Laundry, all of the products we sell meet our standards for quality and effectiveness.

What Is Clean Beauty Doing for the Environment?

Products you use often, like makeup, soap and shampoo, should be as sustainable and minimally impactful as possible. We feature products that meet our ethical and environmental ideals. By letting companies know that sustainable goods sell, you help train the market to do more good in the world.

So, what is clean beauty? It's a way to be the change you want to see in the world. Beauty is about more than just looking in the mirror and feeling great. It's about feeling that you've done the right thing for the world and for yourself. Visit Paris Laundry online and see what we're about today.



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