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Bliss Hydrating Cream

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Paris Laundry Moisturizers Bliss Hydrating Cream
Bliss Hydrating Cream Sale price$58.00

Customer Reviews

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Melanie A.
My skin loves this product

This is the perfect everyday moisturizer and I feel like I have tried so many clean ones, but this one is a keeper! My skin feels amazing after applying it but my face is noticeably softer as well.

Kirstin C.
throw your other moisturizers away!

I was in Savannah on a girls trip and forgot my moisturizer, a friend suggested we stop into Paris Laundry and holy cuteness! The store is so pretty and everyone is so knowledgeable. This moisturizer is silky and lightweight yet very rich and moisturizing. My skin feels smoother after using it and I love it under makeup, I don't even want to use the cream I was using before. This is a must!

Dot DeSanti

If I could bathe in this product I would. Full disclosure I have only used this product for a few days, but I’m in love with the texture, the way my skin feels afterwards and the addition of lactic acid is ✨

Maureen O'Donnell
Just tried BLISS and wow!

The texture is so velvety and it just sinks right into my skin without that greasy feel. Noticed my skin looking brighter and feeling softer almost immediately. I can't rave enough about BLISS!

Bliss in a Jar!

Every once in a while, I stumble upon a skincare product that feels like it was made just for me. Bliss Hydrating Cream is that product. With each application, my skin feels immediately quenched and enveloped in hydration. It's not just the instant relief for my dry patches, it's the lasting moisture that carries through the day, keeping my skin supple and radiant.

The texture is dreamy, melting effortlessly into the skin without any residue or greasiness. With the colder colder months approaching, my skin craves extra moisture. I love the subtle glow it imparts, making it a perfect base for makeup or a radiant finish on its own.

Trust me, your skin will thank you for introducing it to this little jar of bliss.