The Ultimate Clean Beauty Regimen: A Step-by-Step Guide to Our New Skincare Collection

Embark on a journey to healthier, glowing skin made simple and enjoyable with our newest signature Paris Laundry clean beauty additions. We’re thrilled to introduce the Luminary Brightening Serum, Parisian Bloom Refreshing Facial Toner, Bliss Hydrating Cream, and The Main Wash, all set to beautifully harmonize with our existing best-seller, the Nourishing Facial Oil. These five products, when used together, create a complete skincare ritual that nourishes, hydrates, and rejuvenates your skin. 

The first step towards vibrant skin is with The Main Wash. It's a blend of potent yet gentle cleansers and restorative botanicals to ensure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and prepared for the next steps in your routine. Use a small amount, morning and night, lather gently onto your face, and rinse off with warm water. 

After cleansing, your next ally is the Parisian Bloom Refreshing Facial Toner. Enriched with Vitamin C, Organic Astragalus Extract, Gotu Kola, and Horsetail Extract, this toner revitalizes and hydrates your skin, evens out the skin’s texture, and brightens your complexion. Apply this after cleansing both in the morning and at night by spritzing over the entire face and neck with eyes closed. 

Once the toner is fully absorbed, move on to the Luminary Brightening Serum. The power-packed combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium PCA offers deep hydration, helping to plump up your skin and maximize the benefits of the products that follow. Apply this serum morning and night after the toner. 

Next in your skincare routine is the Bliss Hydrating Cream. Formulated with Coq10, Apple Extract, Lactic Acid, and Squalane, this cream provides gentle exfoliation while simultaneously hydrating your skin to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. Apply as the final step in your routine, gently smoothing over your face, neck, and décolletage. 

Lastly, elevate your skincare regimen with the Nourishing Facial Oil. Infused with Sunflower Oil, Grape Seed, Marula Seed Oil, and Turmeric, this oil not only nourishes your skin but also minimizes signs of aging and imparts a healthy glow. Pat it into your skin over the Bliss Hydrating Cream for an indulgent overnight treatment or an instant daytime radiance. 

Together, these five products create a comprehensive skincare routine that addresses hydration, texture, brightness, and aging. It's a full-circle skincare routine that keeps your skin looking its best every day.

When it comes to skincare what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body!

-Kelsey Bucci