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RELEASE Magnesium Salt Soak

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Paris Laundry Salts & Soaks RELEASE Magnesium Salt Soak
RELEASE Magnesium Salt Soak Sale price$32.00

Customer Reviews

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Tara Nolan
Ultimate Relaxation

Just had the most serene bath experience with RELEASE. The magnesium really did wonders for my sore muscles after a week long workout. I'm genuinely amazed at how refreshed I feel, almost like I've hit a reset button. The added bonus? It has worked magic on my dry skin issues, making it feel silky smooth.

Total Relaxation in a Soak!

As soon as I pour it into my bath, I can almost feel the tension start to melt away. I was initially skeptical about the magnesium aspect, but I genuinely wake up feeling more refreshed after using this the night before. The subtle scent is a nice touch, making my entire bathroom feel like a serene oasis. This soak has truly elevated my bath routine and given me a way to truly 'release' at the end of the day.

Luxurious Soak Experience

Every time I use these soaking salts, I feel like I'm melting away stress and tension. The aromatic experience is so rejuvenating, and my skin feels soft and renewed afterward.

Amanda Watkins
A Soothing Bath-Time Must-Have

I've incorporated the Release Magnesium Salt Soak into my evening routine and it's honestly the highlight of my day. Soaking in these salts feels like a complete body rejuvenation. Not only do they relieve my sore muscles and stiff joints, but they also help in reducing inflammation and removing toxins. After a stressful day, a bath with these soaking salts is exactly what my body needs to unwind. It's a spa-like experience at home. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a restorative and relaxing bath time treat!


This soak not only smells amazing but it leaves my skin feeling good.