Winter Skincare: How to Weather-Proof Your Regimen

Every winter we start transitioning our closets from shorts and tees to coats and sweaters. But, do you do that to your bathroom counter as well? Switch out your gel cleanser for a creamy moisturizing one? Or how about adding in a facial oil for moisture at the end of the day? 

Here's the good news...with a couple swaps you can have your skin ready for whatever the weather throws your way! 

Winter Cleanser-Marigold Morning

Cleansing your skin in the winter should be as gentle as possible. You want to keep the natural oils on your skin as a protective barrier. We love this Marigold Morning Cleanser by Free + True, made with botanical extracts and plant oils to help soothe, cleanse and condition, while papaya enzymes gently renew. A healthy dose of hyaluronic acid ensures optimal skin hydration. Your skin will feel refreshed, bright and ready to face the day.

Toners-Winter Skin

Toners are meant to tighten the pores, prevent toxins and impurities from penetrating the surface of the skin, and also help to boost the absorption rate of the serums that you will add on next. They are not meant to dry out the skin or remove stubborn makeup. (Double cleansing helps with that). We really enjoy a spritz of the FITGLOW Sea Toning Mist, because it soothes and reduces skin inflammation while providing a high level of antioxidants, anti-aging, and healing properties. 

Green Booster Serum-Clean Beauty If you're not using serums in your skincare routine, the Green Booster Serum is one of our best sellers and also one of the most gentle products to add in. 

This serum helps improve skin elasticity and improves dryness – a little goes a long way! The best green boost you can give your skin.

Mukti Marigold Moisturizer

We moisturize all year long, right? (I hope you are nodding your head). But during the winter it is a must! The humidity is low, and the indoor heat going all day can really take a toll on your skin. 

A thicker moisturizer with high quality ingredients will be the most effective. We love the MUKTI Marigold Hydrating Creme, it is the ultimate all natural luxury. It's deeply moisturizing and reparative, and suitable for all dry skin conditions.

Nourishing Facial Oil

A facial oil is the ultimate boost in locking in hydration! Our Nourishing Facial Oil was designed to emulate the body’s own sebum and help accelerate skin healing. Deeply moisturizing but never greasy! 

The Nourishing Facial Oil can add an instant glow for daytime, or pat into the skin at night for a luxurious overnight treatment.

Kari Gran Lip Whip

Our lips are almost always exposed to the winter weather elements, so it's especially important to protect them. You want to regularly apply a thick hydrating lip balm to prevent drying, cracking, and any discomfort. We recommend the Kari Gran Lip Whips, these velvety whips incorporate the most essential, effective lip-loving ingredients that actually nourish and moisturize vs. temporarily masking dehydration, dryness, flakiness and chapped lips.  

When it comes to skincare what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body!

-Kelsey Bucci