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Gut Health, Detoxification, Immunity

Eliminate Parasitic Infections with Clinically Studied Herbal Extracts

Through the extraction of key clinically-studied herbs, Zuma's Parasite Detox tonic may help to kill the adult, larva and egg stages of many different species of parasites, including amoebas, giardia, worms, and liver flukes.† This formula uses a therapeutic extraction process that is able to concentrate the active ingredients into a therapeutic liquid extract that is significantly more potent than regular tea powders or capsules.

What Makes This Formula So Powerful?

The high quality active ingredient extracts in our Parasite Detox tonic are completely water soluble, so they’re absorbed immediately in the bloodstream and not lost in the digestive tract, allowing them to instantly knock out those nasty bugs.†

All of the herbs in this formula are only harvested when they are at their peak level of potency. This ensures that the active ingredients are as strong and effective as possible. Plus they are 100% sustainable and wildcrafted. Which means, no pesticides, preservatives, chemical fillers, or genetically modified ingredients.

Along with the detoxification of parasitic organisms, this potent formula may improve the symptoms caused by parasitic infections, resulting in better digestion, increased levels of energy and clarity, and a stronger immune system.†

Potential Benefits:

  • Naturally Cleanses Different Types of Parasites in All Stages: Adult, Larva and Egg Stages + Candida Overgrowth†
  • Cleanses Parasites & Flukes from the Intestines and Liver†
  • Improves Gut Health, Brain Function & Immune System Function†
  • Water Soluble Liquid = Better Absorption than Capsules or Powders
  • Therapeutic “Active Ingredient” Extraction to Increase the Potency
  • Fresh (Not Dried) Wild harvested Raw Ingredients from Idaho  
  • Manufactured in Small Curated Batches

Parasite Detox Guide 

The Parasite Detox Tonic is completely effective at eliminating parasites.† But when used with the Fulvic Acid & Trace Ocean Minerals, you can significantly reduce the uncomfortable symptoms of fatigue, bloating and headaches caused when parasites die-off.† Dying parasites release toxins and heavy metals. Fulvic Acid binds to the released die-off toxins. Helping to remove them from the body.† Thus, Fulvic Acid is one of the most crucial nutrients to include in a parasite detox regimen.

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