Our Story

Paris Laundry was a dream in the making for years. A place to find real products that worked, with clean ingredients, and elevated women's basics. Paris Laundry is more of a lifestyle than a product destination. But for years it remained a dream until our founder Kelsey Bucci was diagnosed with breast cancer. This diagnosis changed her life, as it should. The dreams of one day having her own store filled with the products that she loved became a driving force behind her mindset in fighting breast cancer. Paris Laundry was created during her fifth round of chemotherapy. All the research and knowledge that she gained from her team of doctors helped her to change her lifestyle. The goal here is to keep things simple. Put good in, get good out.

Paris Laundry

"As I went through a year of very intensive cancer treatments, my lifestyle changed and I started really paying attention to what I was putting on my skin. I wanted to create a place where women can come and feel confident in the products they are using during a period of time where their bodies are the most vulnerable. I also know what it is like to go through chemo, radiation, and multiple surgeries. It is essential to have comfortable, breathable, high quality basics that you can wear throughout treatment. I want to make sure that women are able to feel important and beautiful through their battle!" -Kelsey

10% of all purchases will be donated to organizations supporting breast cancer research! 

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Our Commitment

Paris Laundry is committed to bringing you the very best in clean beauty. That means we do the vetting for you. We only carry brands that uphold our non-toxic standards, and products that we would only use on ourselves as well. Each product has been tested by us to ensure that it is effective and luxurious. At a minimum, all of our products are cruelty -free, free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and mineral oils.