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"So where do you find really clean beauty that never compromises? Paris Laundry. No passport needed, just a desire for curated clean beauty with a conscience and a cause. It all happened when, one day, editorial stylist and mother of four Kelsey Bucci was diagnosed with breast cancer."

— Jody Miller 

PARIS LAUNDRY: a Clean Cause-metic


"You can buy things that say ‘all-natural,’ but they’re filled with all kinds of chemicals that are skin irritants, hormone disruptors, and carcinogenic ingredients. I thought, 'If I shouldn’t be using these things when my system is vulnerable, should I be using them at all?"

— South Magazine

Silver Linings: How Three Women Triumphed over Cancer


"Clad in distressed denim, smart snakeskin loafers, a soft grey Commes de Garcons cardigan and delicate earrings, Kelsey Bucci is the embodiment of upscale tomboy chic. At her home in Richmond Hill, the light brown, blond-crested mop crowning her head gives her whole look a fresh, French girl-cool vibe — appropriate, given the title of her overwhelmingly popular blog, Pardon My French, and her new web-based clean beauty and lifestyle shop, Paris Laundry."

— Anna Chandler

It's All Bucci


"Clean beauty hits home for me. Learning that only 10% of breast cancers are genetically linked, leaves 90% of cases to the unknown, yet we know there are environmental causes. That is shocking! Especially when you think that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. And if we are all concerned with what we are putting IN our bodies, we should also be concerned with what we put on our bodies."

— Kait Hanson

5 Must-Have Clean Beauty Products