The Book Club

The Snatcher in Black Tie Blue Light Glasses

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Perfectly understated but never boring, The Snatcher in Black Tie is a lightweight, squared-off frame with a slight cat eye peak. In translucent sea spray tint recyclable, BPA-free plastic with anti-blue light screen lens coating across all magnifications.

The Book Club eyewear blocks 30% of blue light emitted from screens from reaching your eyes.

Studies are ongoing, with research showing users report feeling less eye strain and a better night’s sleep after wearing ‘blue blocking’ lenses. And, we can assure you will look good too!

How do they work?

The Book Club blue lens technology is designed to cut down BL UV400 by up to 30%. The slight yellow tint coating the lens works to absorb harmful blue light rays, whilst still allowing other light to pass through.

Shape ~ Modern Rectangle
Color ~ Green
Gender ~ Uni-Sex
Material ~ Recyclable
Lens Width ~ 47
Nose Bridge ~ 22
Temple Length ~ 143

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