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Article: Tips To Make a More Sustainable Home

Tips To Make a More Sustainable Home | Paris Laundry

Tips To Make a More Sustainable Home

Tips To Help You Create a Sustainable Home

People are increasingly aware of how everyday living affects the environment. However, there is often confusion about what changes you can make that will have a significant impact. Whether you rent or own, these adjustments can help you create a healthier and more sustainable home from day to day.

Tips To Make a More Sustainable Home | Paris Laundry

Invest in High-Impact Sustainable Home Upgrades

The right home upgrades can significantly impact how sustainable everyday activities are. Adding insulation, for example, can drastically reduce air loss and cut back on your power consumption. Switching to EnergyStar-rated appliances is another way to ensure your energy use doesn't skyrocket. 

More homeowners are also opting to invest in solar panels and battery backup systems. There may still be incentives and tax advantages for renewable energy updates, so make sure to ask about them when talking to installers. 

Smaller swaps can also make a difference over time. For example, consider installing a smart thermostat, using ceiling fans, and replacing any incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs to lower your household's carbon footprint.

Make Your Cleaning Routine More Environmentally Friendly

Cleaning is something that every household must do on a regular basis. Instead of thinking of that as a discouraging fact of life, consider it an excellent opportunity to create a more sustainable home. You may be wondering how to develop a sustainable cleaning routine. Swapping traditional chemicals for natural cleaners is a perfect place to start. The myriad chemicals that go into average cleaning products can be replaced with more environmentally friendly options. 

Shop More Mindfully for Home Goods

At Paris Laundry, we are passionate about how shopping for your home can be more sustainable. Here are a few of our favorite tips.

Look for Sustainably Sourced Materials

When you shop, don't just look at where final products come from; stop and consider where raw materials are sourced, too. What happens throughout the entire supply chain affects the overall sustainability score of each item. Ask yourself these questions to determine if the purchase is worth making:

  • What are labor practices like where raw materials come from?
  • How and where are final products assembled, and by whom?
  • Does the company have sustainability standards that align with my beliefs?

Source Items Locally

There are advantages to shopping locally, including reduced transportation to get products to final destinations. Of course, not everything you need for a sustainable home will be available from local craftspeople, in which case turning to the internet can keep you from having to drive long distances to find exactly what you need. 

Choose Reusable Items

There are multiple advantages to purchasing items that can be reused or repurposed. For starters, you'll produce less trash that ends up in landfills. You will also cut down on the number of things you have to buy in the future.

Take Steps Toward a More Sustainable Home

Even small changes in everyday activities add up, which is why Paris Laundry carries the best natural products for your home. Shop our great selection of products made with safe, natural materials for a healthier, more sustainable home for your family. 



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