The Best Gifts for Her: Paris Laundry Approved

Valentine's Day Gift 2021
You know who's going to give you everything? Yourself! So don't feel bad about treating yourself to a Valentine's Day gift, I mean who knows you better? We are all about a little me, myself, and I treatment. So here are some of our favorite products and ways to say I LOVE YOU (self) you're doing great sweetie!
The Best Skincare Gift
Nothing screams luxury quite like our Nourishing Facial Oil and a bottle of The Everywhere Oil. Made from skin nourishing botanicals, these oil will have your skin feeling rejuvenated and looking glowing. 
The Best Candle Gifts
Who can say no to a candle? And one that is packaged as beautifully as it smells? Our lineup of Boheme candles will have you happy that you are spending this Valentine's Day at home. The scents will have you feeling like a globetrotter from the comfort of your couch. 
The Best Plant Gifts
Crazy plant ladies, unite! We have so many wonderful plant accessories to get you started, or if you are a long time lover of the green growing, we have plenty of accessories to aid in your plant expansion. Let 2021 be the year you grow lavender or maybe a spruce!
The Best Minimal Jewelry Gifts
If you have killed every plant you have ever brought into your home, allow us to introduce you to some gorgeous handmade watering necessary. From statement making pieces to dainty layers, all of our accessories are handmade with love. 
The Best Self-Care Gifts
If you are looking to grow on your own self-care journey, incorporating daily, weekly, and monthly intentions is a great way to stay accountable but also thrive in your goals! The Self-Care planner is perfect to jump in on anytime, the pages are blank for you to fill in as you go, with simple prompts to keep you focused and positive while establishing and accomplishing your own personal self-care routine.
Wellness gifts for her
We believe that beauty is a life well-lived! That includes the mind body and spirit. Treat yourself to a new mug and some tea, or a latte blend from our wellness section. Or maybe you are looking to up your bath time game with some salts and soaks. The perfect red lip can also be found on Paris Laundry. No matter the category, we have made sure that every product gives you a real, clean, elevated experience. 

When it comes to skincare what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body!

-Kelsey Bucci