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Sleep Tips & Nighttime Routine

You know those people who lay down and fall asleep the second their head hits the pillow? We hate those people. Hate is a strong word, although I might be over here gripping my coffee like my life depends on it. But those nighttime zzzz's are important! Which is why a solid nighttime routine is necessary, and we have some amazing products on Paris Laundry to help you out. 

Sleep Tips & Nighttime Routine

There isn't much a little aromatherapy and a bath can't fix, okay that might be a stretch, but just go with it. A great way to start your nighttime relaxation is to run a hot bath, add in some calming bath salts, turn on your meditation app and soak the day away. 

The Jasmin Serenity Bath is a luxurious jasmin-scented bath soak formulated with a special blend of nourishing essential oils, softening powders, and soothing sea salts to leave skin refreshed, relaxed, and glowing.

If you want to couple your bath with some exfoliation as well (multitasking can be part of relaxation, right?) use a body polish beforehand and wash it off as you sink into the water. The Mint Sea Polish is a nourishing mint body polish composed of Organic Sugar, Atlantic Sea salts, emollient butters and fruit oils that work to gently exfoliate, detoxify and moisturize the skin. 

 Sleep Tips-Aromatherapy

Our sense of smell is a powerful thing! It's our only sense that goes directly to our brains so it's no surprise that certain smells have an impact on our mood. Incorporating aromatherapy into your nighttime routine will put you on a path to deep sleep.

Defuse some calming essential oils, or use a mist spray to put on your pillow right before you lay down. Our Calming Mist Spray made with lavender and ylang ylang, two of the more popular essential oils and are most commonly used for relaxation and as a sleep aid. When used before bed, studies have shown that lavender oil can not only help you fall asleep but also improve the overall quality of rest.

Natural Sleep Aid

When you really need a little extra help to get you to sleep, reach for a cup of tea and a natural sleep aid. There is no shame in the bedtime game! I cannot recommend this natural sleep aid from Ora Organic enough, You're a Knockout is effective, natural, and an ethical alternative to chemical sleep aids and sleeping pills. You likely know that melatonin supplements are often used as a sleep aid; however, these sleep supplements typically use a synthetic source of melatonin.

Once you have taken your supplements, steep a beautiful cup of Angel Tea. Angel is a lovely tangle of leaves, petals and fruit. Nettles and milky oats intermix with soothing mints and lemon balm, brightened by sweet apples, fennel, elderberries and rose petals. A delish way to end your soothing nighttime ritual.