Meet KYPRIS Beauty

Kypris is a luxury line of holistic, high-performing skin care created with organic, wild crafted, and sustainably grown botanicals for gorgeous all-natural skin.

Every single product is formulated with naturally-derived and nature-derived plant extracts and essential oils. Packaged only in glass and never tested on animals, Kypris delivers the nourishing phytonutrients and the best of green science for luminous, petal-soft skin to enhance the luscious experience of being you. 

What makes Kypris different? The products are meant to be mixed together to customize your very own potent skin care formula! You have the power to be the mastermind behind your skin care routine with a drop of this and a dab of that. The products work synergistically, and ultimately last longer when being mixed together, trust me you only need a few drops of any of their products to see results. 

Here are some of our favorite product pairings:

Kypris Elixir Paris laundry

Beauty Elixir II is the most balancing of the three Beauty Elixirs with sweet lavender, Indian jasmine, aged patchouli, and rose geranium to balance oily skin and soothe the appearance of blemishes while offering skin moisture, glow, and diminished signs of UV overexposure.
Clearing Serum enlists balancing zinc, soothing lilac leaf stem cells, beautiful cherry blossom, and a selection of phytonutrient rich, botanical gems for a balanced, happy complexion.
Beauty Elixir I is the most moisturizing of the three Beauty Elixirs with biodynamic Bulgarian rose essential oil. Offers generous moisture, glow, and helps to diminish the appearance of UV overexposure.
Antioxidant Dew (the number one best seller for the brand) has a featherweight texture and provides intense hydration. Best layered with a Beauty Elixir in a microemulsion. Antioxidant Dew lavishes skin with quenching encapsulated antioxidants, plumping amino acids, and an array of soothing botanicals. Use as a lightweight hydrator or as a layering piece in your skin care wardrobe.
Beauty Elixir III is the most gentle of the three Beauty Elixirs with a neutral scent for moisture, glow, and to diminish the appearance of UV overexposure. Gentle moisture for even the most scent sensitive complexions, helps to diminish the appearance UV over-exposure, and is free from essential oils to accommodate those who may be scent sensitive. 
Moonlight Catalyst is a more gentle, herbal alternative to retinoid formulas for nighttime exfoliation and refinement. The product helps smooth and plump the skin’s appearance for a radiant glow! Moonlight Catalyst gently softens and refines the skin’s appearance for a refreshed, evened tone and diminishes the appearance of blemishes old & new. To be used during nighttime application only.