Jade Rolling and Facial Massage

Jade Rolling and Facial Massage

Last year jade rollers were all the rage on Instagram, beauty bloggers across the globe were posting pictures and videos with a jade roller in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. There are many claims of what using a jade roller can do for your skincare routine, from anti-aging to healing, to turning back the hands of time. Let's dig a little deeper into what the benefits of jade rolling or facial massage in general can do for your skin.

Jade rollers can be an effective form of facial massage, and when done gently and correctly they can increase circulation which will make your skin look brighter, more luminous, and less puffy. The stone itself does not hold any magical powers, it is more about the movements on your face, getting the blood flowing, and the lymph fluid moving that will lead to a decrease in inflammation.

Jade rolling and Gua Sha

You may see a difference in your skin right away after using a jade roller or any other facial tool such as a Gua Sha Lifting Tool, but the results will only be temporary, which is why consistent use is important. Jade rolling however will not increase or stimulate collagen, the only way to do that is through food or treatments such as a peel or retiniods.

Jade rolling can help to break up any stagnation in your lymph fluid in and around your face, help your serums and oils penetrate the skin a bit more, and minimize fine lines by plumping the skin through circulation.

Here are our tips for jade rolling: 

  • Cleanse and treat your skin first.
  • Begin rolling from the center out, there is no right or wrong area to start at.
  • Apply gentle pressure and roll outward, picking up your roller and making 3-4 passes in the same area.
  • Don't forget your chest and jawline, and even between your eyebrows.
  • Always clean your jade roller when you are done, this thing touches your face after all!

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When it comes to skincare what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body!

-Kelsey Bucci