How To Do a Natural Detox: A Guide to Restorative Self-Care

Many people spend a lot of time and money on detoxification. However, studies show that some of the most popular proprietary detox treatments either have no effect or actually pose health risks. Do-it-yourself methods at home are often more natural but still vary in efficacy. Find out why a natural detox can be an effective approach to restorative self-care that points you toward making positive lifestyle changes.

Why To Do a Natural Detox

People are exposed to toxic organic and synthetic substances, and parasites on a daily basis. Over time, this can throw the human body out of balance and negatively impact your health. An attempt to detox naturally is a conscious effort to minimize exposure to harmful substances, like alcohol and other drugs, refined sugar, chemicals that interfere with healthy hormone levels or cause cellular-level mutations and allergens that increase inflammation and lead to severe reactions. 

Contaminants and pollutants that the body cannot readily break down, such as heavy metals and some synthetic chemicals, are also of concern. Some bioaccumulative chemicals, such as bisphenol A, organic pollutants, phthalates and heavy metals, can be difficult to avoid or eliminate from your life. Harmful chemicals can build up in fat tissue or blood, and it may take a long time for the body to clear these toxins—high levels of which could adversely affect health in the meantime.

A short-term detox effectively resets the body, while a long-term approach to detoxification can have lifelong health benefits. A process focusing on optimal hydration and nourishment or an alternative approach involving limited fasting periods can be beneficial. Exercise also plays an important role in ridding your body of harmful chemicals. You can find out more about the best way to do a natural detox, and a parasite detox through trusted brands on Paris Laundry.

A Guide to Natural Detox and Self-Care | Paris Laundry

Make Hydration a Priority

Drinking a sufficient quantity of clean water is an essential part of almost any type of detox treatment. While some people prefer the taste of detox water or other teas and drinks to plain water, the ingredients in beverages are of secondary importance to the act of consuming water itself. Adding in fulvic acid and trace minerals can help clear away toxic build-up and aid in increasing energy and help restore your natural health. 

There are several benefits associated with maintaining sufficient hydration levels by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day during a detox. The main advantages of drinking enough water include balancing body pH, boosting immune function, improving digestive health and creating conditions that increase the potential for weight loss. 

When you are hydrated, your system can cleanse toxins from the blood and organs more quickly than when you are dehydrated. Your water levels also directly impact your energy and mental clarity. Whether you prefer to drink straight from the tap, infuse water with fruits or herbs or brew tea, staying hydrated improves the efficiency of the natural detoxification processes that take place inside your body every day.

Eat Nourishing and Healing Foods

Some detoxes involve eating solid food, while other regimens are liquid only. It is possible to get the most natural detox benefits while eating food. Many people prefer to eliminate refined sugar and avoid meals that are known or likely to contain allergens and contaminants.

Proponents of detoxing through diet often recommend fresh, raw foods, such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. In some cases, detoxification methods that involve eating food involve a “mono” diet of a single food or the consumption of juice or broth in addition to water.

The water content of various foods contributes to hydration levels during a detox. Many types of food are also dense sources of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that may be less bioavailable in vitamin or supplement form. While it is possible to continue eating healthy food during a natural detox, many people express interest in the benefits of intermittent or short-term fasting.

Sync Your Body and Mind

Exercise can play an essential role in a natural detox. Stretching and light exertion will work the tension out of muscles and promote blood flow. In other words, the ongoing natural detoxification processes intensify with the right kind of exercise. 

You should always listen to your body during a detox. If your regimen involves restricting your caloric intake, you should adjust your output accordingly. Pay close attention to how hard you push yourself, as putting unnecessary stress on your body while you are trying to detox is counterproductive.

Some of the best low-to-moderate intensity activities to do during a natural detox include yoga or stretching, restorative physical therapy methods that release lymphatic fluid, such as foam rolling,  and light cardio activities, such as cycling, dancing, walking or jogging.

Do a Natural Detox as Needed

Most people only consider detoxing after they have engaged in activities or lifestyle choices that leave them feeling as though their body and mind are operating at less than optimal efficiency. Paris Laundry offers the best wellness supplements to support a natural detox and restore your health.


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