Detox Your Makeup Bag: 7 Clean Beauty All-Stars

According to Good Housekeeping, in 2015 the average woman owned about 40 makeup products. This number, which has likely increased with the boom of the beauty industry, does not include skincare, haircare, or other personal care products. With the new year quickly approaching there is no better time to go through our makeup bags and get rid of products that aren’t used regularly or are expired. Then what? These are the seven best products to streamline your makeup bag with for a full-face look that’s appropriate for any occasion. 

Detox Your Makeup Bag

RMS Master Radiance Base

            Start out your makeup routine with this universally flattering whipped highlighting cream. Available in two different shades for all skin tones, this product is the key to blurring imperfections and achieving a soft radiance before foundation. Featuring organic jojoba, chia and meadowfoam seed oils, the Radiance Base can be used alone, as a base before makeup application, mixed into foundation, or as a finishing touch highlighter on the cheeks. Its unique, light-reflecting pearls diffuse imperfections for a flawless look.

Vapour Beauty Luminous Foundation

            Follow up your base with this lightweight, light to medium coverage foundation for an effortlessly even complexion. This stick foundation is perfect for a small makeup bag because its compact, easy to transport, and spill-proof. With botanicals including organic sunflower oil, frankincense, myrrh, and lotus, this clean foundation transcends the boundaries between makeup and skincare and comes in a variety of shades for every skin tone.

Ere Perez Lychee Crème Corrector

            Wakeup your face and under eyes with this full coverage, creamy concealer. The multitasking formula corrects, hydrates, brightens, and works for all skin types including sensitive and acne prone. Featuring lychee and vitamins E and C, this corrector stops water loss and provides a skin-like glow for a more awake appearance. Think sleep in a bottle! Apply under the eyes to disguise dark circles or on redness, blemishes, or dark spots for an even complexion.

RMS Redimension Hydra Powder Blush

            After correcting your complexion add color and life back to the skin with this one-of-a-kind multi-dimensional blush. With wet powder technology, the Hydra Powder blushes combine the glowy finish of a cream with the long-lasting nature of a powder that everyone loves. Not to mention there is a shade for everyone. Check out French Rose for a cool pink sheen, Mai Tai for a summer glow, or Sangria and Pomegranate Fizz for the “I’m cold” makeup look that’s trending on social media.

Fit Glow Plant Protein Brow Gel

            Make sure not to neglect the brows because they anchor everyone’s face. The easiest way to add color, shape, and lift to our brows is with a gel. This plant-based formula nourishes, conditions, and improves thickness with bamboo, lupine protein, and horsetail plant extract. With three different shades ranging from blonde to dark brown, this gel simplifies our brow grooming routines.

Ere Perez Natural Almond Mascara

            Similar to brows, our lashes have quite an impact. The right mascara accentuates and defines the eyes. This smudge-proof, water resistant, long-lasting mascara adds natural length and volume. Not only is it perfect for all-day wear, but this mascara also features almond oil which is known to strengthen lashes and stimulate growth.

Vapour Lip Nectar

            Lip products serve as the finishing touch to our makeup; they add a sense of put togetherness that completes a look. Most makeup wearers have tons of lipsticks in their collection that go unused. This lipstick-balm hybrid adds the perfect everyday touch of color and shine. The semi-sheer, moisture-rich formula is perfect for any occasion and comes in a variety of shades from rich berries to soft nudes.



When it comes to skincare what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body!

-Kelsey Bucci